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brookside kansas city homes for sale
Wiggle Nutrition
the big 50
Coppi's Day Out
A Black & Gold Outing
How I Lost the Yellow Jumper
Fantasy Tour De France
Fantasy Grand Tours
Checky climbs in the Alps
My first ever 25mile Time Trial
Buggered winter frame
At last!
Route Possibility
new member
Which jersey?
coppi`s here
Wild Wales 2012
North Wales Cyclo Cross League
Proposed New Steed - Updated
Off the front
3rd Quarter Interim Report - Rides 2011
A Ride of Two Halves
Tickets Available
Long Mountain the Long Way
A Right Royle Ride
Chain reaction Voucher
Sidi Shoes
Pyranees Routes, Ian Look Away Now
Beyond Majorly Ludicrous
Tour De France
Crapi Úlan in the Elan
2nd Quarter Interim Report - Rides 2011
Fantasy Tour De France
Deja vous all over again
To Infinito and beyond!
New frame
Lyrical In Lycra
Its a Long Story....
Pot Belge For Breakfast
Duw Its Hard
Windy Welshpool
Sundays ride output
Candle in the Wind
Long Mynd climb
The Last Supper
British Cycling Membership
How do we fancy this in October
Crapi Wheeler Bike Shirts
Six Bidons No Pisses
Off the Back - 2 April 2011
Revolt Against the Middle Classes
Crapi conundrums
Ist Quarter Interim Report - Rides 2011
Moorland Magic (Testing Ground for the Alps)
In Flanders Field
Defective Gene!
Spring Classic
Famous last words.
Death on a Mountain
under performing
Should I?
Climbing ability|
Mapped rides
2011 ride
Alpine Madness
Proposed route for 2010
Mike's debut
Ian's continued Absence
Paul's new bike
Today's Route (13/10/07)
Lord Baltimore
France July 2007
Quiet Crappies
Tour Heroes
I don't believe it...
Withdrawal symptoms
riding at the rear
Woe betide the boy....
Physical Deformity
Fantasy cycling league
good day
And another thing
Man of the match
Have a rank
Crapi widows
Crapiwheelers quotes
Don't be shy
Has anyone noticed....
Here we go again....
Rons new bike
Window W**kers!
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